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Did you just have replacement windows in Tacoma, WA installed in your home? If so, you might absolutely love the way that they look right now. But in order to keep them looking that way, you’re going to need to make every effort to clean them. Cleaning your replacement windows will keep them looking newer for longer, and it’ll also prevent dirt, dust, and debris from getting inside of your windows and wreaking havoc on them.

Cleaning your replacement windows will require you to do more than just spray some glass cleaner on them and wipe them down. You’ll need to worry about wiping down your window frames as well and vacuuming out your window tracks from time to time. This is the only surefire way to keep new windows clean. You’ll also need to steer clear of making some of the most common window-cleaning mistakes. Here are 3 common mistakes that people tend to make when cleaning replacement windows.

Cleaning windows when it’s very hot and/or very sunny outside.

In theory, you might think that cleaning your Tacoma, WA windows on a hot, sunny day is a great idea. It seems like you would be better off doing that than cleaning them on a day that’s cloudy or rainy. But in reality, cleaning windows on a hot and sunny day is just about the worst mistake you can make! When you clean them when it’s hot and sunny out, it’ll cause your windows to dry too quickly and leave a ton of streaks behind. You’re much better off waiting for a day when there are lots of clouds in the sky.

Using newspaper to clean your windows.

Technically, this might not be a mistake if you use the right kind of newspaper. There are some newspapers that will clean your windows just fine, which is why so many people have turned to newspaper when cleaning windows over the years. But these days, there are also certain newspapers that use ink that can cause windows to stain. You could ruin your windows if you turn to these types of newspapers when cleaning windows. Rather than risking damage to your new windows, use a microfiber cloth to clean them instead.

Washing your windows with hard water.

Do you have hard water coming into your home? You’ll know you do if you frequently see spots on your shower doors and on glasses that come out of your dishwasher. Hard water has minerals in it and can leave unsightly spots behind on glass surfaces. If you know that you have hard water in your home, do not use it to wash windows. Buy distilled water and use it when you’re cleaning your new windows to make them shine.

In addition to avoiding the mistakes listed here when cleaning windows, you should also create a window-cleaning schedule for yourself. Try not to put off cleaning your windows for too long after you have Tacoma, WA window installation done. The more often you get around to cleaning your windows, the longer they’ll last you. Call Marine View Windows & Doors at (253) 331-7151 today to obtain more advice on new window care or stop by 5005 Pacific Hwy. E #17, Fife, WA 98424 to see the new windows we have available in our inventory.

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