If you live close to your neighbors or if there are always people walking around in your neighborhood, privacy is probably a big concern for you. The last thing you want is for people to be able to see into your home’s replacement windows in Edgewood, WA after you’ve had them installed. A lack of privacy can make you feel uncomfortable in your own house, and it can even pose into a security threat if you have electronics and other valuables in plain sight in your home. 

Fortunately, there are some pretty easy ways to make the windows in your home more private. You can shield the inside of your home from the prying eyes of your neighbors and strangers walking by in no time. Here are 4 ways to go about doing it. 

Place privacy film over your window glass. 

The easiest way to make your Edgewood, WA windows more private than they are now is by placing a privacy film over any windows that allow people to look into your home. You can choose a film that will make it impossible to see in and out of the window or find one that’ll still allow you to see out a window without giving people the chance to see in. You can even tint your windows a darker color with some privacy films if you want. 

Add decorative frosting to your window glass. 

Do you want something slightly more elegant than regular privacy film for your windows? You can find decorative frosting designs that will improve the aesthetic appeal of your windows while also making your home more private. You can either decorate all the windows in your home with this frosting or strategically place it on windows where you need it. 

Put up blinds over your windows. 

If you want to make your home more private while still allowing sunlight to come into it throughout the day, blinds should do the trick. You can pick from metal blinds, wood blinds, faux wood blinds, and more. No matter which type of blinds you decide to go with, you can open and close your blinds as necessary to increase and decrease your privacy levels. You can also open and close them to control the amount of light that streams into your home. 

Hang curtains to cover up your windows completely. 

If you want to cut certain parts of your home off from the world and stop sunlight from getting into your home in the process, you should think about hanging curtains in your home. Curtains are great for living rooms, bedrooms, and other rooms that you want to make as private as possible. 

Would you like to hear about some other privacy solutions for your windows? Marine View Windows & Doors specializes in installing Edgewood, WA vinyl windows as well as fiberglass, clad-wood, and aluminum windows. And we can show you how to make certain windows as private as possible. Contact us at (253) 331-7151 today for more information or stop by 5005 Pacific Hwy E #17, Fife, WA 98424 to set up a window consultation. 

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