Your windows are a critical part of your home’s aesthetic and performance. When they begin to fail, your home could suffer from decreased curb appeal and higher energy bills. If you aren’t sure if it’s time for an upgrade, here are seven reasons it’s time for a window replacement.

Is There a Draft in Here?

Did you know that 10-25% of a home’s heat escapes through its windows? As your windows age this can increase. If you can feel a draft when you stand near your windows, this is an immediate sign that your windows aren’t performing anymore. New windows will protect against this.

How Old Are Your Windows?

If your windows are over 30 years old, they were likely made with single-pane glass, which means they aren’t very efficient. Older windows that lack proper glazing aren’t keeping UV rays out of your home, which can cause fading to fabrics. New windows use Low-E glass that helps keep the temperature in your home more consistent year-round.

Do Your Windows No Longer Open?

If your windows no longer open, then it’s time to consider replacement. Older windows may fail in the frame or after years of swelling during temperature changes, may no longer be operable. If you have wood windows, years of painting them may have caused them to become sealed. Enjoy being able to open your windows for ventilation again with new ones.

Are You Hearing Excessive Outside Noise?

If your windows are closed but you’re still hearing outside notice, then they probably aren’t providing enough acoustic insulation. Sound Transmission Class, often referred to as STC, measures a window’s ability to reduce sound. Generally, the higher the STC rating, the better sound control you can expect from a window and presumably the quieter the home. The typical STC rating of a single pane window is between 18-20. By comparison, a typical double-glazed window has an STC rating between 28-32. If this is an issue, it’s time for new windows.

Do Your Windows Look Bad Visually?

One of the most obvious signs you need replacement windows are when they visually reveal their age. This could include chipping and deterioration of the frame or glass as well as water stains around the window. Broken glass is, of course, another aesthetic defect. All these things can negatively impact your home’s attractiveness but also impact energy efficiency.

Is the Operating Style Impacting Your View?

There are many different operating styles for windows, and often, they don’t quite align with your expectations. Maybe you long for even sight lines, so your view isn’t impeded. Or possibly, you want to more easily open windows. For example, if you have a window over your kitchen sink, it’s much easier to open if it’s a sliding window versus a double-hung window.

Are Old Windows Affecting the Value of Your Home?

Replacing windows is one of the best upgrades you can make for your home in terms of ROI. In the latest cost vs value research from Remodeling Magazine, replacing windows in the Pacific Northwest can garner you an ROI of up to 83.4%. If you are considering selling your home or refinancing, this upgrade could go a long way.

Window replacement offers so many benefits for your home. If you are struggling with windows that don’t work or perform anymore, then contact Marine View Windows & Doors today to talk about replacement windows today!

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