The architecture of your home can play a huge role in choosing new windows and doors. Because doors and windows are seen from the interior and exterior of a home, there are lots of opportunities to customize them to best fit your style.

Let’s look at four architectural styles and what type of new windows and doors work best for those styles.


Straight lines and tone-on-tone palettes are hallmarks of contemporary design. Windows and doors in this category are sleek and inviting, simple yet stunning. You’ll find they most likely have clean lines, expansive glass, neutral palettes, minimalistic features, and form following function.

For windows, you’ll enjoy the contemporary lines of Milgard, which have simple lines and are direct set for more glass and wider views. To really accentuate the contemporary highlights of the window, choose a black finish.

For exterior doors, opt for panels types that are flat rather than raised. For color, you can go with a painted wood look of either white or gray to stay neutral. You can also choose a woodgrain. For material, fiberglass is the way to go, as it works well in the Pacific Northwest and looks beautiful.


The Craftsman home has been updated since its initial rise to popularity in the 20th century. These windows and doors will often have these qualities:

  • Rustic woods
  • Prairie grilles
  • Top one-third grilles
  • Window trim
  • Decorative glass

For windows and patio doors, add prairie grilles or top one-third grilles to your fiberglass or vinyl windows. This gives the home its historical charm.

For doors, there are many Craftsman style doors with recessed panels, the most popular being the top one-third flat with two recessed panels vertical underneath. You can paint or stain these doors to best blend in with your home’s exterior.


Thanks to the folks at HGTV, the farmhouse look is in high demand. The modern Farmhouse still has many of its roots with a twist. You’ll find Farmhouse windows and doors to have these characteristics:

  • Whimsy
  • Narrow width window sets
  • Colonial grilles
  • Cross rail and crossbar designs
  • Real wood

For windows and patio doors, try the colonial grille with divides the window into nine sections. Many farmhouses work best with casement windows for a more traditional application.

Almost any Farmhouse style door will have sidelites on both sides. Many create a sense of whimsy with decorative glass or bold colors. The Dutch door is also a nice farmhouse touch.


These style homes are inspired by the architecture of the Mediterranean. New windows and doors in this category have metal accents, decorative glass and caming, arches, distressed finishes, and dark color palettes.

For windows, you will find that arches are very common. These might be fixed or the arch at the top could be a transom.

For doors, accents are key. Mediterranean doors may have clavos (nail studs), door knockers speakeasies, straps, grilles and glass with patima caming. There are many ways to customized Mediterranean doors to coordinate with your home’s style.

Your home’s architecture certainly sets the mood when it comes to new windows and doors. Work with the professionals at Marine View Windows & Doors to find your perfect windows and doors.

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