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Clad-Wood Windows Deliver the Well-Appointed Look for Your Tacoma Home

Why You’ll Want Clad-Wood Replacement Windows

Enjoy the beauty of wood windows with the performance as fiberglass with clad-wood windows. Fiberglass clads the exterior, protecting it from the elements. The durable fiberglass frame holds up in the Pacific Northwest climate. This creates an aesthetically superior appearance with no unattractive nail holes or staples.

Versatile Design

Clad-wood windows are available in a full line of operable styles, along with radius frames and custom shapes. Exteriors are prefinished with 16 color options. Interior wood is available in mixed grain fir, pine, or primed pine. Because of these options, you can customize the design to complement many homes. From Craftsman to Contemporary to Farmhouse, there’s a clad-wood product for you.

Exclusive Fiberglass Cladding Technology

Fiberglass exteriors are resistant to water, cold, heat, insects, salt air, and ultraviolet rays. This guarantees long-lasting performance and low-maintenance. The powder-coated fiberglass exterior finish won’t crack, peel, bend, warp, or stick due to expansion and contraction.

Custom Sizes Built Locally

Every clad-wood window and patio door is designed and assembled for your home. It’s built to your exact sizes and specifications, making it a great product for replacement openings.

Water Management System Protects Wood

Our cladded-wood windows use an advanced water management system unlike any cladded window in the market. If water enters the window system, it is directed away, never reaching the wood interior. This allows the window to perform at a higher design pressure than most other wood windows which is ideal for Washington’s weather conditions.

Security & Protection

Exceeding industry residential standards for air and water filtration and forced entry, our clad-wood windows protect your home against the elements and keep your home secure.


Our wood-clad windows meet ENERGYSTAR© requirements, with Low-E glass and Argon gas. For added protection, opt for triple pane glass.

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