At Marine View, we support all efforts to keep our community safe. Alas, the COVID-19 lockdown requires businesses such as ours to modify certain services.

We're being proactive about this situation by offering virtual consultations via free, easy-to-use video conferencing technology. All you need is a tablet or smartphone. We'll do an "in-home walkthrough" with you without ever needing to enter your home!

Also, to assist homeowners during this challenging time, we're offering extended term same-as-cash financing. To learn more about our special promotions or to get started, simply call us today!

The coronavirus pandemic that started sweeping across the nation earlier this year changed the way that a lot of companies do business. Companies in a wide range of industries were forced to rethink the way that they do things. And window companies were not immune to this in the slightest. In fact, ever since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, window companies that offer replacement windows in Tacoma, WA have been forced to alter the way in which they hold consultations with clients—and it appears as though the changes that have been made could be here for good. Here are some of the ways in which the coronavirus may have changed window replacement consultations forever.

It showed that virtual consultations are possible.

If a window company tried to schedule a virtual window replacement consultation prior to the coronavirus pandemic, it probably wouldn’t have been welcomed with other arms. But during the pandemic, window companies and customers didn’t have any choice but to hold virtual consultations, and it worked out a lot better than expected. Video conferencing technology allowed window companies and customers to connect for virtual consultations and made people feel more comfortable with the idea of using a tablet or smartphone to hold a window consultation. It won’t be surprising at all to see more people open to holding these types of consultations more often from now on.

It forced window companies to work harder to educate consumers about windows.

Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, window companies had the luxury of walking into people’s homes and showing them everything they needed to know about Tacoma, WA windows. But once they were forced to hold virtual consultations as opposed to in-person ones, they had to work harder than ever before to communicate with customers about windows. They had to break windows down into simpler terms and make it easy for people to understand everything about them through an internet connection. It was challenging, to say the least, but it resulted in many window companies improving their communication with customers.

replacement windows in Tacoma, WA

It made people a little more open to replacement window consultations in general.

In past years, those who scheduled replacement window consultations often only did so when they were either ready or close to being ready to replace their home’s windows. But virtual consultations have opened up a whole new lane for window companies. Since they call for less of a commitment on the part of customers, people are likely going to be more open to holding exploratory window consultations where they can get questions about windows answered and find out more about how much it could cost to replace their home’s windows. This could result in a long-term uptick in the number of people who schedule window replacement.

Would you like to schedule a virtual consultation to see what one is all about? Or would you like to speak with a window specialist by phone about the Tacoma, WA window replacement process? Call Marine View Windows & Doors to set up a window consultation for your home.

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