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Fiberglass Windows Offer Dramatic Views from Your Tacoma Home

Fiberglass windows are the highest performing of any material. They don’t bow or warp due to moisture.Their durability is unmatched. Even though they are quite practical, they can still look amazing with a bold finish or a traditional woodgrain.

Durability from Day One

Homeowners love our fiberglass replacement windows. In our climate, it’s critical to have a window that can stand up to severe rains, wind and beaming sun. Because of some of the extremes the Tacoma area presents, fiberglass frames are a wise choice. No matter the weather, you’ll find that fiberglass windows don’t swell or expand, causing ill-fitting frames. Neither the moisture or the heat can budge this high performance material. Fiberglass won’t crack, peel, warp, split, pit or corrode and is virtually impervious to water, which is great for the Pacific Northwest.


Energy-efficiency is another benefit of fiberglass windows. Fiberglass is not only durable but has some of the highest insulating qualities. Our fiberglass windows are also available with triple pane glass, which provides maximum efficiency. All of our fiberglass window products are ENERGYSTAR© certified. Their Low-E glass with Argon gas deliver the most efficient windows for your home.

Low-Maintenance Care and Paintable

Because of the qualities of fiberglass windows, they need minimal maintenance. Fiberglass frames also offer the option of being painted. Choose from many prefinished colors with the option to repaint them another color in the future.

Customizable by Size and Shape

Our fiberglass products are all custom built at no additional charge. We measure down to the 1/8” to make sure we get the tightest finish in your replacement window opening. We can also build large window sizes with no worries of bending due to the rigid fiberglass frame material.

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to their energy-efficient thermal performance, the use of highly sustainable materials, like sand, make fiberglass a green choice. Feel confident in your window material choice and its lower carbon footprint.

Fiberglass window design portfolio

Full Lifetime Warranty
Our fiberglass replacement windows are backed by the strongest, most comprehensive warranty in the industry, which includes a lifetime guarantee on parts, labor and accidental glass breakage. We extend a warranty on all product installed by our AAMA certified crews as well.

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