Fortunately, it doesn’t get too cold in Tacoma, WA throughout the course of the winter. But despite this, there are very few people who open up their windows in the wintertime. Even people with brand-new replacement windows in Tacoma, WA tend to keep their windows closed all winter long.

Do you do this? If so, you may want to reconsider your decision to do it. Most experts will tell you that it’s a great idea to open your windows every so often in the winter. It’ll bring the temperature in your home down a little bit. But it’ll work wonders for your home as a whole when you do it. Check out how opening your windows in the winter helps your home below.

Brings fresh air into your home

If you haven’t opened the Tacoma, WA windows in your home in months, you can only imagine how stale the air in your house is. It’s likely some of the same air that was still floating around back in the fall. You can stop stale air from sitting in your home until the spring by opening up your windows and welcoming some fresh air into your home. You’ll be able to sense the difference from the second you start breathing in the fresh air that enters your home. It’ll make it feel so much cleaner and brighter in your home.

Removes germs, allergens, bacteria, and more from your home

Opening the windows in your home will do more than just bring fresh air in. It’ll also let all the stale air in your home escape and take everything that’s trapped in it outside. This includes germs, allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold spores, and so much more. Many of these things might be putting your family’s health at risk. They might also be taking a toll on your home and doing damage to it in some cases. By removing stale air from your home, you won’t have to worry about high concentrations of these things staying in your home all winter long.

Keeps your windows in good working order

If you don’t open your home’s windows all winter long, you might find that they’re a little bit difficult to open in the spring. Depending on what the windows are made out of, you might have to put some real muscle into getting them open come springtime. By simply opening and closing your home’s windows every few weeks, you can stop them from sticking and ensure they’re in good working order. You’ll appreciate how easy it is to open and close them in the spring.

Has opening and closing your windows in the winter turned into a real chore because of the condition of your home’s windows? Let Marine View Windows & Doors install new windows for you prior to the start of spring. We can help you pick out new windows and handle Tacoma, WA window installation for you. Call (253) 331-7151 or visit 5005 Pacific Hwy E #17, Fife, WA 98424 to get started.

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