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No matter what products you choose, if your windows and doors are not installed properly, serious damage could occur. There is not a one size fits all solution to window and door replacement. Our consultants and installers review all factors to determine the proper installation for your home. While following best practices set forth by product manufacturers and AAMA (American Architectural Manufacturers Association) guidelines, our experienced crews execute precise installations.

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Windows Installation

There are three main ways to install windows. We detail each of these and explain why one is more suitable for your Tacoma window replacement. Often the installation method is dictated by home construction, along with the type of product being removed. We are experts in more than just the products; we also ensure that installation is smooth and correct.

Many companies sell one product with no consideration of installation and environment. This has proved to be detrimental to homes in the Pacific Northwest. We understand construction inside and out. Exposure to wind, rain, sun and saltwater impact the longevity of your windows and doors. It is time for the South Sound to get the quality it deserves!


Block Frame (Retrofit Install)

The fastest and most economical window installation method is the Block Frame. This process includes removal of the window and installation of the new one, secured only by the window frame. A caulking bead and metal head flashing are the only defense from air and water, requiring maintenance and touch ups to maintain proper sealing over time. While we generally do not recommended this installation if the window is highly exposed to the elements, it is often the only option for brick or concrete homes.

Styleline Block Frame

Tuscany Block Frame

Nail Fin (Flanged Install)

Our recommended installation method for new windows and patio doors is nail fin. This process attaches the window to its surrounding wall with “nailing flanges” that are typically manufactured with the window. The opening is prepped and the new window secured in place, adhering to the sub-siding with caulking. After being properly leveled and adjusted, screws and a flashing tape anchor the window, forming a water management system around the window. Then required exterior trim is installed. Our standard trim is 3.5” primed cedar, but there are many other options available.



Stucco Fin (Z-Bar Installation)

The stucco fin or “Z-bar” system is specially created by manufacturers for stucco homes. This process prevents damage to the home’s surface, requiring virtually no touch-up or clean up. If you have a stucco home or plaster interiors, this process can save both time and money.

Tuscany Tan vinyl Z-bar

Tuscany Tan vinyl Z-bar

Installation Pictures

Full Frame Window Replacement

Block Frame Window Replacement

Z-Bar Window Replacement

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