Is it almost time to install new Fircrest, WA replacement windows in your home? If so, it’s going to take a pretty sizable investment on your part. The investment will be well worth it in the end once you see how great your windows look and realize how energy efficient they make your home. But replacing all of the windows in a home can cost some homeowners quite a bit of money.  

With that in mind, you might not be in a rush to spend any additional money on your house. But if you can afford to do it, you might want to consider installing replacement windows and replacement doors on your home at the same time. There are lots of advantages that will come along with doing it. Check out some of the benefits of replacing all your home’s windows and doors at once below.  

It’ll keep the look of your home consistent. 

When you have new windows in Fircrest, WA installed in your home, they’re obviously going to look fantastic. Regardless of whether you go with vinyl windows, fiberglass windows, or one of your other options, you’ll love their appearance. But what you won’t love is when your new windows clash with your old doors. To keep everything consistent, consider having both replacement windows and doors installed at one time for consistency’s sake. Your home will look noticeably better when you have replacement windows and doors in place.  

It’ll make your home as energy efficient as possible. 

Arguably the biggest benefit of installing new windows in a home is the energy efficiency that it adds. That alone makes the cost of new windows easier to stomach. But if you still have old doors on your home, your new windows aren’t going to make your house as energy efficient as it can be. Your old doors might continue to allow air to come in and out of your home at will, which will force your HVAC system to work hard to heat and cool it. This could continue to drive your energy bills up. But with new windows and doors, your home will be well insulated and won’t waste any energy.  

It’ll likely earn you a discount on parts and labor. 

You’re not necessarily guaranteed a discount on parts and labor when you install replacement windows and replacement doors at the same time. But many companies will offer you a discount if you ask during your initial consultation. Since they’re going to be at your home anyway, they’ll usually be more than happy to offer you a better price on doors and door installations than you might get otherwise if you were to install replacement doors separately at some point in the future. Think of the money you could save now before shooting down the idea.  

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