Tacoma replacement window contractor

Find out what you need to know before you select your window provider.

Have your windows seen better days? Is time to make an investment in new windows? When you make the decision, your next order of business is choosing the right Tacoma replacement window contractor. There are lots of choices out there, so much so, that it might appear that they are all the same. However, there are differences—some of them major, so let’s look at how to make the best decision for your window purchase.

Look at Reviews, Testimonials, and Other Proof

The best way a replacement window contractor can prove that they are great to do business with is by looking at what past customers have to say. Nothing speaks clearer than these comments. Don’t just look at the company’s website. Check out their reviews on social media, too. It’s also a good idea to check their BBB rating.

Work with a Reputable Company That’s Insured

You don’t want any contractor coming to your house that isn’t insured. This is necessary for the company to do business, but some contractors may not be above board. Be sure to ask questions about this to alleviate any concerns.

Find a Replacement Window Contractor with a Warranty

The windows will have a warranty through the manufacturer, but only a contractor can offer a warranty on the installation. This critical because without a warranty from the installer, you’ll be left responsible should the installation fail.

Understand Installing Methods

Not all contractors install windows the same way. The material of your Tacoma home is a key element in determining the right kind of installation. Many installers don’t offer the nail fin or flanged install, which means that the “flanges” are manufactured with the window and secured to the sub-siding with caulk. Then the window is anchored with screw sand flashing tape. The exterior is then fitted with complementary exterior trim.

Another installation method, Z-bar or stucco fin, is used exclusively for brick or stucco homes. This process will protect the exterior from any damage.

Be sure to inquire about the means of installation and what is recommended based on your home’s material.

Get Several Quotes

It’s a good idea to get more than one quote. Just be sure when you compare them that it’s apples to apples. You should request a detailed quote, so you know exactly what you’ll receive and the final costs. Price shouldn’t be the only determining factor in your final decision. Consider windows as an investment that will pay off in the end, so you don’t want to go with the cheapest price, which probably includes the lowest quality window.

At Marine View Window & Doors, we’re proud to be a preferred replacement window contractor for the Tacoma area. With years of experience and some of the highest quality windows on the market, we’d be glad to give you a free quote and talk to you more about new windows. Contact us today to learn more.

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