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When most people think about getting their home’s windows ready for a season, they think about doing it for the winter. But it’s every bit as important to prepare replacement windows in Tacoma, WA for the summer. Although it doesn’t get too terribly hot in Tacoma in the summer, the temperatures can get up into the 80s on some days. It’s why you’re going to want to have your windows prepared. Find out what preparations you can take to get your windows ready below.

Start by cleaning your windows in the spring.

After a long winter, it’s not out of the ordinary for windows to be pretty dirty come to the springtime. So in addition to cleaning everything else in your home this spring, you should also clean your windows. And you should do more than just wipe them down with a rag and call it a day. You should use window cleaner on both the inside and outside of your windows. You should also vacuum out your windows’ tracks to ensure they’re free and clear. This will make it easy to open and close your windows throughout the spring and summer.

replacement windows in Tacoma, WA

Make sure all of your windows are working properly.

Outside of cleaning your home’s windows, you should also make sure the windows in your home are working the way they’re supposed to this spring and summer. Go around and open and close each window and make a note of anything that seems to be off with any of them. If it’s difficult to open and close a window or if there are any problems with the hardware in and on your windows, you’ll want to have someone come in and fix your windows for you.

Caulk around the outside of your windows.

If the Tacoma, WA windows in your home are on the newer side, they probably make your home very energy efficient. But in order to keep them that way, you’re going to have to keep up with caulking around the outside of your windows. Doing this will prevent air from leaking in and out of your home all summer long. This will keep the temperature in your house consistent and stop your HVAC system from having to work overtime to maintain your ideal temperature throughout the day. It’s amazing what a little bit of caulk around your windows can do for your entire home.

Fix any cracked window glass that you might have in your home.

Is any of the glass inside your home’s windows cracked? If so, make it a point to have it fixed prior to the start of the summer. In fact, make it a point to have it fixed right away, regardless of what season it might be. Cracked glass can serve as a security risk in your home. It can also allow air to pass freely in and out of your home, which will take a toll on your home’s temperature eventually.

Are your windows on the older side and starting to cause problems for you? Replacing them before the summer starts would be a great idea. Marine View Windows & Doors can lend a hand with your Tacoma, WA window replacement project and provide you with great new windows for your home. Give us a call to arrange to have an in-home window consultation this spring.

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