Vinyl windows are a very common selection these days for windows, so you may be surprised to know that they are less than 100 hundred years old. Vinyl was introduced as an alternative to wood, delivering design flexibility and energy-efficiency.

To trace the lineage of vinyl windows, it’s important to lean how windows became a part of buildings. Originally, they were just holes in the wall with no covering. Eventually, these holes were covered with animal hide, cloth, or wood. Operable windows with shutters then became popular to protect occupants from the environment as well as let in natural light. The addition of a new window was both something that was functional and attractive.

The Vinyl Window: Material Shortages Drive the Need for New Materials

The vinyl window developed out of necessity. After WWII, there was a shortage of wood, aluminum, and steel in Germany. They began to use a new thermoplastic vinyl, for window production. About a decade later, BF Goodrich Company began vinyl window production. Since then the vinyl window has had an evolution, becoming even more efficient, strong, and budget-friendly.

By 1996, 45% of replacement windows were vinyl. Now, it’s closer to 75% of all window replacements are vinyl.

There are a large variety of vinyl windows on the market today. One thing that makes them so desirable is their thermal efficiency. Replacing old windows with new vinyl ones, means you’ll enjoy an airtight seal with the well-made frame, so heat escaping your home or drafts coming in will no longer be an issue.

Replacement vinyl windows have many more advantages as well:

  • Cost: High-quality at an affordable price, there’s a vinyl window option for every budget. Plus, with new energy-efficient windows, your energy bills should go down.
  • Durability:  Vinyl replacement windows are built to last for years with little maintenance required.  You’ll never have to repaint them, and they are scratch resistant.
  • Easy to clean:  Probably the smartest feature in the design of vinyl replacement windows is that they tilt in, so you can easily clean the outside glass from the inside of your home.
  • Custom choices:  Find them in a wide range of colors, finishes, shapes, sizes, and styles. There’s a right combination for every style home. You can easily find vinyl replacement windows that will match your preferences, along with the colors and decor of your home.

At Marine View Windows and Doors, we offer Milgard vinyl windows, including:

  • Style Line® Series
  • Tuscany® Series (regular and premium)

We trust in the Milgard brand and believe their vinyl windows to be unsurpassed on the market. Not only do we offer these brands, we’re also ready to install them. You’ll also appreciate the lifetime warranty on parts, labor, and accidental glass breakage.

Check out our vinyl window products today.

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