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Are you going to be installing replacement windows in Tacoma, WA sometime soon? Before you do it, you should strongly consider replacing the front door on your home as well. While you don’t have to install a new front door if you love the way you current one looks, there are a bunch of benefits that you’ll enjoy when you install a front door and replacement windows at the same time. Let’s take a closer look at why it’s such a good idea to take this approach during the window replacement process.

Improves your curb appeal even more

By doing Tacoma, WA window replacement, you’ll automatically give the curb appeal of your home a big boost. You won’t believe how much better it looks when you pull up in front of it and see your new windows. But you can actually improve your curb appeal even more than usual by installing a new front door to go along with your new windows. The new front door will help your home make a stronger statement than it would with just new windows.

Maximizes the energy efficiency of your home

When you put replacement windows into place in your home, you’ll make it a lot more energy efficient than it is now. You won’t have to worry about air leaking in and out of your home through your windows anymore. But if you still have an old front door in place, it could very well allow air to continue coming in and out of your house. Replacing your front door and your windows will make your home as energy efficient as it can be.

Makes your home a whole lot more secure

If you have older windows in your home right now, they may not be as secure as you need them to be. Many older windows have broken or weakened hardware on them that can make it easy to break into them. Replacing your old windows with new ones will improve your home’s security. And you can take the security in your home to the next level with a new front door, too. It’ll make it difficult for anyone to break into your home at any time.

Prevents you from having to replace windows or doors anytime soon

Once your replacement windows are in place, you won’t have to spend any time thinking about replacing them again for at least 25 years or so. But you will have to spend time thinking about replacing your front door much sooner than that if you don’t replace it at the same time. Replacing windows and doors together saves homeowners from having to contact a window and door company at any point in the near future.

If you’re going to install a new front door to go with your new replacement windows, why not hire the same company to do both jobs? Marine View Windows & Doors has you covered. We can provide you with a Tacoma, WA window installation and do door installation as well. Contact us at (253) 331-7151 today to check out our windows and doors or come see them for yourself at 5005 Pacific Hwy E #17, Fife, WA 98424.

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