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Professionally Installed Window Products

Vinyl Windows with Style, Energy-Efficiency & Value

Vinyl replacement windows offer style, energy-efficiency & value. They are often the most popular choice for replacement windows in Tacoma and surrounding areas. Choose from contemporary vinyl windows, slim frame windows, and premium vinyl windows. Milgard developed their own vinyl formula which is produced in controlled environments to exacting standards, adding up to durable, reliable, high-quality, non-corroding vinyl windows that can maintain that new look for years.

Narrow Modern Frame Meets Technology for a Durable Performance

These windows are well-loved in both Contemporary homes and Mid-Century Modern homes in Tacoma and surrounding areas. Thermal Break Aluminum windows provide homeowners with durability and a slim profile, utilizing thermal barriers to improve insulating ability. Milgard Thermally Improved Aluminum windows include this innovative solution and offer great energy-efficiency. Aluminum windows accentuate the clean lines of modern design and remain one of the top choices for non-coastal homes.

The Ultimate Performance Window

Fiberglass replacement windows are the ultimate performance window providing strength, minimal maintenance, eco-friendliness, and moisture resistance. Fiberglass windows are the highest performing of any material for your Tacoma home. They don’t bow or warp due to moisture. Even though they are quite practical, they can still look amazing with a bold finish or a traditional woodgrain.

Traditional Wood with Exterior Durability

Clad-wood windows are made with traditional wood while providing exterior durability. For our cladded wood windows, interior wood frames coupled with exterior fiberglass results in timeless beauty and durability against the elements. Wood frames provide the warmth of solid wood grains, are paintable, and have excellent insulating properties. Traditional wood windows are often high maintenance. However, we offer cladded-wood products that are resistant to water, cold, heat, insects, salt air, and ultraviolet rays.

Why We Offer Milgard Windows & Doors


Our mission is to help you find the highest quality windows and doors to meet your aesthetic and functional needs. We believe in working with manufacturers who build and engineer products locally and understand the unique requirements of the Pacific Northwest.

There is no shortage of window options. It can be overwhelming. We choose to partner with locally manufactured Milgard Windows & Doors. Milgard has been building industry-leading products in Tacoma for over 50 Years.

Through many years of experience, we are confident in Milgard’s consistency, quality and service. Milgard has earned national recognition by Builder Magazine as the highest-quality replacement vinyl window in the nation 6 of the past 8 years. They have also been awarded other industry recognition, such as JD Power & Associates Award for Best Vinyl Window Manufacturer.

Most importantly, Milgard Windows & Doors stands behind their product like none other. With their full lifetime material and labor warranty, you are assured your windows will be covered against any product defect and even accidental glass breakage as long as you own your home. 


Reasons to Upgrade Your Home’s Windows

1. Energy Efficiency – Your home feels drafty in chilly weather or uncomfortably warm from direct sun. New window frames combine with upgraded Low-E coating and argon gas keeping spaces warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. We offer Low-E glass packages that fit your home for maximum performance year-round.

2. Reduce Energy Bills – Replacing old windows with ENERGYSTAR® certified windows lowers household energy bills by an average of 12% nationwide. Lower energy consumption also reduces greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and homes.

3. Return On Investment – Builder Magazine’s “Cost vs. Value” reports an estimated 93% return on investment when replacing windows with vinyl or wood products in the Seattle/Tacoma region. Window replacement had the greatest return among upscale remodel projects.

4. Increase Curb Appeal – Updating windows can improve the look of your home if your existing windows are faded, fogged or out of date. Changing frame color or adding window grids can transform your home and increase its value.

5. Window Operation – We’ll recommend the best operating style of window based on size, situation and function. For instance, Tuscany sliding windows with a SmartTouch® Lock have been approved by the arthritis foundation for ease of use. Casement windows make it easy to reach over counter tops and open windows, while awning windows are great for small areas like basements.

6. Low Maintenance – New fiberglass and vinyl windows require minimal maintenance. No more painting, fixing leaks or wiping moisture off sills. Even our wood cladded products are designed to reduce upkeep.

7. Noise Reduction – The right window frames paired with custom glass thicknesses can greatly reduce exterior noise. Depending on your location, we’ll advise on the best solution for a quieter room.

8. Security – Feel safe in your own home with window frames designed to be stronger, with redesigned locking systems. These meet and exceed California’s top standard and security codes. There are security glass options available; just ask your consultant.

Window Replacement Products

Marine View provides a professional, hassle-free window replacement process. From design to installation, we oversee your project every step of the way, offering a wide range of services to ensure your lasting satisfaction.

Window types

Horizontal Sliding Replacement Window (HV)

By far the most common replacement window, sliding windows are a cost-effective choice, offering you an operable window in almost any size opening. Sliders provide an easy open window for use above kitchen counters and sinks. These provide a contemporary look, and open without requiring any exterior or interior space.

Single-hung windows are also a common replacement. Single-hungs have a top portion that is stationary while the bottom slides up. These windows do not always have to open in the center in the window. For tall openings, you can add ventilation and keep viewing space above. Like the slider, this window also meet egress openings in bedrooms.

Single Hung Replacement Window (SH)

Double Hung Replacement Window (DH)

This traditional style allows for the opening of either the top or bottom sash. The top sash can be opened while maintaining safety around children or pets. Plus, sashes tilt inward for easy cleaning, even on hard-to-reach upper floors.

Casements are a great option for both viewing space and ventilation. They have no meeting rail to obstruct views and feature an easy to remove interior screen to prevent collection of dirt and grime. This style also provides great security and performance with its multi-point locking system.

Casement Replacement Window (FC)

Awning Replacement Window (FA)

Awning windows are a favorite for contemporary and Craftsman homes. These windows have a top hinge, allowing it to tilt outward and retain ventilation even during inclement weather. Consider using these as accent windows above or below picture windows.

You’ll notice these windows in living rooms, dining rooms and master bedrooms. Combine them with one or more operating windows for ventilation. Picture windows provide maximum viewing space along with security and performance for your home.

Picture Replacement Window (PW)

Bay Windows

Bay windows extend outward (beyond house walls), consisting of several angled window panels. Usually found in kitchens or living rooms, bay windows deliver wide peripheral views and a sitting area. Typically, the angled side windows can be opened, allowing for a good amount of ventilation.

Much like the bay windows, bow windows create space by projecting beyond the exterior wall of a building. Choose them for a wider view of the garden or street outside. They typically combine four or more picture and casement windows, which join together to form an arch. Make rooms feel larger or add a seating area with bow windows.

Bow Windows

Custom Shape Replacement Windows (Gable or Radius windows)

Custom shape windows are usually fixed (non-operable). These can be in shapes like circles or hexagons. These work well in foyers or as a way to let natural light into a stairwell. Almost any custom size or shape is available.

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