You may immediately think that winter isn’t the time for exterior renovation projects. That’s to be expected. With cold and fewer hours of sunlight during the day are also a factor. Throw in the holidays, and winter window replacement seems like something that never happens. However, there are real benefits to replacing windows in the winter. It’s often easier, more cost-effective, and can take a lot less time than doing it in the summer.

The Difference Between Summer and Winter Window Installation

Homeowners often think that winter window installation can’t be done correctly because the sealants won’t settle as they should, or insulating foam may not expand properly. That’s a myth. The truth is that window installers can adapt to the conditions, using materials that don’t lose their adhesion or expansion properties. Because of this, it’s possible to install windows in very low temperatures—even below freezing!

Another concern homeowners have about winter window replacement is leaving the home “open” during the install, believing they’ll lose heat and energy. To combat the elements, installation is completed one window at a time.

Replacing Your Windows in the Winter—Three Benefits to Consider

Windows issues are easy to spot in the winter.

Winter is the ideal time to discover window problems. During the winter months are when you’ll notice if your windows are failing. When materials contract in the cold weather and your windows are exposed to inclement weather, problems will reveal themselves in the form of leaks and drafts.

If you identify these issues in the winter, then you should have your windows inspected by a window replacement professional to determine if these are significant enough to warrant new windows. At Marine View Windows & Doors, we will gladly provide a free in-home estimate.

You are likely to get a better price.

Winter is decidedly not the peak season for window replacement. The demand is much higher in the summer, spring, and fall. With this high demand, window companies may not be as generous for deals because of their steady stream of work.

Shopping for windows in the winter could net you a better price since demand is much lower. You may benefit from promotions or deals when you replace in the winter.

You’ll have more flexibility for installation dates.

As mentioned, the other three seasons have much higher demand, meaning scheduling will be up to when the window company can fit you in, which means you could be waiting for weeks or months.

Whereas in the winter, you are more likely to have your pick of times. Being able to plan your window installation early allows you to also schedule around your holiday happenings or other renovations occurring at your home.

No matter the season, you can count on us to deliver quality products and superior installation. We’ll provide you with a great price and excellent service, and we are currently offering 15% off all installed products through January 15, 2109. Contact us today about winter window replacement today!

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