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Are you considering a new wood entry door? Need some inspiration? Let’s explore some trending wood entry door design ideas.

Natural Wood Colors

One of the most popular current home design trends is the use of earthy colors. These colors represent what appears in nature, so think soft greens and browns. You can express this with a variety of wood entry doors. Choose rich tones or bright, light woods. Either looks great with natural palettes.

Clear Woods

For a modern, natural look, many designers are looking at “clear” woods, which means little to no knobs. This is a stark contrast with what had been trending in the industry, which was to emphasize these knobs for character. Poplar is a popular choice, as it stains well and is known to be less knotty.

wood entry door 2

Upscale Hardware

Hardware is a way to personalize your entry door. Metallic details, like a new door knocker or knob, mixed with different finishes like natural wood are an up to date take on this trend. Consider hardware to be both functional and aesthetic.

Oversized Doors

Many homeowners are going big with their front doors. With a larger front door, you can add maximum impact. Consider increasing your front door to nine feet or even higher. In addition to getting taller, entry doors are often getting wider, up to three-and-a-half feet wide in many cases.

Double Entry Doors

While double doors aren’t new, they are making a comeback, especially for modern and contemporary homes. Adding glass, transom windows, or sidelites can offer even more visual interest in this aesthetic. Whereas, double doors for traditional style homes are more ornate and decorative. Either style can be a showstopper.

wood entry doors double doors

Excited about these wood entry door design ideas? We can help you pull them off. Get in touch today to discuss these trends and your needs today.

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